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Last night at MOA National Bookstore, I came along this book titled "Kokology, The Game of Self Discovery" by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito.

Kokology is the study of kokoro which in Japanese means "mind" or "spirit".

Here are two examples:

1. You’re in hot pursuit of a suspect fleeing a crime scene. After a long chase, you finally manage to run him down and make the arrest. You’re standing over him with your pistol in his face. Busted! What does the suspect say to you as he stares down the barrel of your gun?

  • *Discovery: What did the cornered crook have to say for himself? Although you were imagining yourself as the police officer, your own hidden tendencies came out in the criminals words. In the game of cops and robbers, it’s the robbers who have to come up with excuses as the cops haul them off to jail. The way you imagined him responding gives an idea of how you reacted when your parents caught you doing something bad. And if you’re like most people, it’s how you continue to behave today.

2. Every shape and design may be reduced to the same basic building blocks: points and lines. For some, those words may dredge up painful memories of high school geometry class. But they can also take us back to a time when the world was simple, to grade school art class when a house could be drawn using four squares and a triangle or a face created with a circle, two dots and a wavy line.

You’ll need a pen and paper for this game. Using a single circle and any number of triangles and squares, draw a design on the paper.

  • **Interpretation: If you drew a very large circle, you possess an equally great sense of self. That can be a good thing when it leads to positive self-regard, but for some people it signifies a distorted notion of their place in the world — in other words, at its center. If you drew a very small circle, you see yourself as insignificant or dwarfed by the world around you. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all those triangles and squares! they’re made of the same points and lines as you are!

The number and size of triangles you used represents your work or school responsibilities. Large triangles denote your sense of the importance of your work and the fulfillment you find in it, while a large number of triangles means you’re working on several projects at once. Be careful if you have too many triangles; it may mean you need to cut down on your workload before it wears you out.

The squares stand for how you feel about society and other people. If you used very large squares, it indicates you’re under pressure to conform of fit in. If you put many squares in your design, it shows you tend to feel lost in the crowd or burdened by too many rules.

If the shapes in your design connect, overlap and share borders, it means you’re enjoying a degree of integration and harmony between those aspects of your life. If all the shapes occupy separate spaces, it’s likely you’ll see signs of isolation and lack of connection in your life as well.

I enjoyed playing Kokology. It made me think more about how I really feel inside and how others perceive me. Other people may see me as a bitch who has nothing better to do but criticize others, make fun of accents and imitate gramatically incorrect phrases, but still, some people see the real me. That's my baby boy Koko.

To the world, I may be just one person. But to this person, I am the whole world.

Below are the latest pictures of my baby Koko.





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Ang cute cute naman!
Pwedeng pang-commercial! :-)

by STlauder

ahaha! endorser yan ng Nestogen. Attention Nestle people! yan ang effect ng gatas nyo.

by GingerFerrer

cutie patootie ni koko =)

by honeybfly

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